[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]
[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]

The Gough Map of Great Britain

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"Linguistic Geographies" at the National Railway Museum!

Posted on 5 April 2011 by

On Friday April 1, Keith Lilley and Matt Thompson ran a Beyond Text sponsored workshop on the topic of "Spatial technologies and beyond text". The aim of the workshop and discussion was to share experiences of using 'spatial technologies' in pursuing projects funded as part of the AHRC's ongoing Beyond Text programme. Four particular Beyond Text projects were represented, and team-members from each explored how spatial technologies have particular advantages in helping to take us 'beyond text': for example, in mediating encounter, movement and performance, and in visualizing artefacts, networks and linguistics. The discussion helped to foster dialogue between our projects, inter-connecting across the Beyond Text programme. In particular we reflected on the role of 'digital cartographies' more broadly in the arts and humanities, and their potential for public engagement and stimulation. In the end we concluded that maps - be they digital or 'analogue' - hold fascination for many, as indeed is the case with the Gough map, the focus of our own project. Spatial technologies and beyond text workshop, NRM. The full programme was as follows: 1.00pm: Welcome, aims and introductions, lunch Projects and experiences - some reflections on using 'spatial technologies and going beyond text':

  • 2.00pm: Laura Balderstone and Graeme Milne (University of Liverpool) “Mapping memory on the Liverpool waterfront”
  • 2.20pm: Jonathan Foster (University of Sheffield), "Riders have spoken: designing and evaluating an archive for replaying interactive performances"
  • 2.40pm: Keith Lilley (Queen's University Belfast) and Elliott Hall (Centre for Computing in the Humanities, KCL), "Multimedia mappings of medieval Britain: the 'Linguistic Geographies' experience"
  • 3.00pm: Matt Thompson (University of York), "Mapping, mobility and marketing: potential applications of GIS in the understanding of railway place-marketing"
3.20pm: Break: tea and coffee 3.45pm: Commentary and discussion, Chair: Ian Gregory (University of Lancaster) 5.00pm: Conclusions and next steps, Chairs: Keith Lilley and Matt Thompson 5.30pm: Close We are pleased to recognise the financial support from the AHRC Beyond Text programme made available for holding this workshop


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