[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]
[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]

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Full record: Wallingford

County Berkshire
Transcript walynford
Icon description single building, castle
  • building
  • castle
Etymology OE Wealh, pers. name + ing + ford, 'the ford of Wealh's people'
Earlier editors Walyngford (Gough); Wallingford is placed on the Oxfordshire side of the Thames, but this is probably because there is no room for it on the Berkshire side (Parsons)
Early Maps wallingford (Angliae Figura)
Overwritten yes
Attested spelling Walynforde 1326 (14th) Winchester, Walynford 1370 Os; all earlier froms have the first element in the form Waling- or similar