[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]
[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]

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Full record: Maidenhead

County Berkshire
Transcript mayde || hed
Icon description single building
  • building
Etymology OE mægden, 'maiden' + hȳð, 'landing-place'
Earlier editors Mayd[enhead] (Gough); mayd/mayd[enhead] (OS 1935). The mayde of Maydehed was seen by Gough and Sanders but the ending hed written underneath mayde has now been seen under ultra-violet light. Maidenhead is placed on the Oxfordshire side of the Thames (Parsons).
Early Maps
Overwritten partically (?)
Attested spelling Maydehuth', Maydeheth' 1241 Ass ((p)), Maidenhee 1202 P, Maydenhus 1241 Ass ((p)), Maydenhith' 1262 Cl, Maydenhach 1286 ib., Maydeneth 1297 Pat, Madenhethe 1384 Fine, Maidenheued, antiq. nom. South Ailington 1542 Leland; the spellings show alternation of maid- and maiden-.