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[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]

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Full record: Yalding

County Kent
Transcript yawho(ur)
Icon description single building
  • building
Description traces of earlier writing underneath, possibly ending in -ldy
Etymology OE Ealda, pers. name + ing, patronymic suffix
Earlier editors Yawhyrst [Ewhurst] (Gough); yawho(ur) (OS 1935). Yawhour has been written over Yaldy (Parsons).
Early Maps
Overwritten yes
Attested spelling Yeldyng 1450 Pat, Yalding 1451 Pat; accoring t. Wallenberg (1934), (p). 168, these are the oldest attestations with initial y- he notated; the earlier forms have the first element in the form Eld-/Ald-. He gives no forms with the first element Yaw-, or the second element -hyrst/-hour.