[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]
[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]

Linguistic Geographies: The Gough Map of Great Britain

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Full record: <span class="tip" title="Descriptive catalogue of the original charters, royal grants, and donations ... and other documents constituting the muniments of Battle abbey (London: Thomas Thorpe, 1835)">Battle</span>

County Sussex
Transcript [b]...
Icon description single building
  • building
Description entirely faded
  • faded
Etymology named from the Abbey which was founded t. commemorate the battle of Hastings
Earlier editors ba...le (Parsons)
Early Maps batel (Angliae Figura)
Attested spelling La Batailge 1086 DB; Batell 1468 AD i, 1504 IPM; most examples are French and Latin forms