[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]
[Image: Fragment of the Gough Map]

The Gough Map of Great Britain

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Full record: Lewes

County Sussex
Transcript lewes (original); Lewis (revisor)
Icon description two buildings, spired church with cross, castle
  • buildings (multiple)
  • castle
  • church with cross
Description the spire of the church is not coloured red like other spires and has both a red and a black cross (other crosses are in black ink)
  • no expected red pigment
Etymology plural of OE hlǣw, 'mound'
Earlier editors Lewis (Gough); Lewes appears in different hands as Lewes and Lewis (Parsons)
Early Maps lewis (Angliae Figura)
Overwritten yes
Attested spelling Lewes 1086 DB et passim; Lewis, -ys 1149-53 AC, etc.